Orpheus Violinist

Launching fundraising appeal for upcoming Album recording JS Bach and Contemporary Voices for Solo Violin by Orpheus Leander

Project to record JS Bach Monumental D Minor Partita and several contemprary solo violin works written for Orpheus. In addition the the album and video will be made of the performance and accompanying educational documentary analysing Bach's polyphonic inspiration and how this has inspired composers and violinists through the centuries.



Bach and Contemporary Voices for Solo Violin

Baroque & Rococo Classical Extravaganza

Our project is to make a high quality educational and promotional video and performance with added educational analysis of Haydn’s Violin and Harpsichord Concerto Hob. XV111.6 in F Major. We will use our own performing edition and a harpsichord (rather than a piano). It will be at our artistic residence at St John’s Church Nottinghill for the community there and as a live stream performance and readily available online as an educational resource through out the UK.  Following on from this we will give a series of performance for social distanced audiences of ou Baroque & Classical Extravaganza which will be for both social distanced audiences and live streamed for online viewers from inspiring locations buildings, halls and stately homes built in the 18th Century celebrating reflecting the Baroque and Roccoco articheture and art, sculpture and literatre of the times with the music we perform. Music written for such 'auditory' spaces.




Haydn Concerto in F Major for Harpsichord & Violin - Largo


Conductor - Harpsichord -Bridget Cunningham

Violin - Orpheus Leander Music of the Spheres Ensemble